Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery: Thoughts on our Industry

Now that we are heading into our fourth year of business, we are finding that more and more of our clients are coming to us because of our unique and fresh take on Indian weddings; however, were also increasingly finding examples of other companies who, either through great imitation or blatant theft, try to mimic our work. So without naming any names, we simply hope to educate our fans and our potential clients on what separates us from the rest of the pack. Why does it take us as long as it does to produce videos. And the process we go through for each client. You have to keep in mind, all of us at Rosette Films started off as filmmakers first. So a lot of this conversation is going to take place in the context of filmmaking and not necessarily wedding videography.  

First and for most, for any film, be it a Hollywood blockbuster, Bollywood masala film or a Rosette next day edit, the producers have to deal with the triangle of production. On each end of this triangle, the producers are balancing 1) The Budget, 2) The Quality of the film and 3) the amount of time it takes to produce, film, edit and distribute. These three aspects are interrelated such that you can only ever have two of the three while sacrificing the other.

If you want an amazing looking video, and you want it at a cost-competitive price point from what other vendors are offering you, and you want it filmed, edited and distributed within a few months of your wedding—it's simply not possible. We as producers have to take into account that a Quality product, at a Cost-Effective price point is going to take Time to deliver. 

Similarly, A Cost-Effective price point and a relatively quick Turn-around Time results in a loss of Quality in the final edit. Keep that in mind if a vendor is promising you the world at a price point you can't honestly believe.

Likewise, a high Quality video, filmed, edited, and delivered in a short Time will simply not be Cost-Effective. The producer's would have to pay a lot more to get it done that quick for that level of quality. 

Ofcourse! Their are ways around this! But cutting corners isn't exactly our style. The key to our Quality of video is Originality. Simply put.

Other companies may develop "cookie-cutter" shooting styles, or editing techniques to shorten the turn-around time. However, over time, one loses the Originality of vision if every wedding edit starts to look the same as the next! There are other companies still that may even straight-up steal techniques, shots, and ideas from elsewhere. And again, with those companies, their work becomes derivative, losing Originality.

Here at Rosette Films, we have been proud to produce content from day one thats been unique for all of our couples. And we have amassed quite a library of videos and photos that displays this commitment to originality. Often imitated, but never duplicated, we are careful to ensure we don't end up copying our own work and fall into the cycle of cookie-cutter videos. But we hope you realize that their is a lot of unseen effort that goes into a majority of our edits. 

The above video was put together by two shooters who communicated constantly throughout the day to get the exact shots they wanted. The song was selected by a photographer who wasn't even working their event (We've established a very collaborative, team oriented way of editing). And two different editors went over the video to ensure its impact. Not to mention that the couple (Raj and Poonam) we're very open with what they had in mind, and they trusted us to take their ideas and make something of them—never interfering with the process and allowing us creative freedom (Thank you!). All of this has to happen from the time we get the footage at night so that it's ready to play at their morning reception, effectively making this a Same-Day edit.

Now, believe me, that the majority of the time spent on this edit was away from the computer. The producers spent time meticulously going through countless songs. At one point we even considered the theme to gladiator, but because we're very industry aware (we know that that particular score has been used by a few different local companies) we abandoned that train of thought almost as quickly as we suggested it. In reality, the production for this video began the moment our photographer came in with their casual photo shoot images. 

Our photographer's routinely get into the process of editing videos because we have created a collaborative environment in which to work with. So a simple same-day edit, in reality, took weeks if not months of prep. And we went through this process with all of our clients for last year, ensuring they recieved edits that would be unique to them.

As a result of our commitment to originality, the video went viral. Garnering hundreds of thousands of views, being ripped and uploaded by other users—we've now lost track of how many people have actually seen this edit. 

As we slowly shift our eyes to bigger goals. We hope that we leave a lasting legacy on the punjabi wedding industry—and hopefully—the wedding industry at large! Getting recognized by the BC wedding awards this year for our work was truly rewarding. But seeing other companies now jump on our bandwagon and try to produce more emotion-driven content, that's the really rewarding bit. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.