2014 BC Wedding Awards

Last night was somewhat of a milestone for us after being in the wedding industry for so long—Actually, its only been 3 years since we first began! But it's felt like a long time coming! We were nominated for a BC Wedding Award in the major category of Best Wedding Videography. Not only where we competing with the best vendors in the south asian market but the best vendors in the entire BC wedding industry. And though we didn't win the award, we are quite happy to be the only south asian wedding film company to be among the top three nominees for the prize. It was truly an honour to be recognized for the work that we have been doing. 

4 years ago when we were first began playing around with the idea of starting a wedding film company, we had alot of ideas regarding the creative direction of our videos. We wanted to ensure that we remained culturally honest; yet, we also wanted to be on the forefront of cultural change. Punjabi wedding videos back then consisted simply of shots edited to the beat of a song, typically the popular hindi song of the summer. Events didn't transition seamlessly into one another and there was no attempt at narrative structure as the live audio was completely muted for the duration of the video. Consequently, our company was among the first ones to use actual punjabi songs, ardass (prayer) and live audio (from events like the Doli) to enhance the natural narrative of a punjabi wedding. We we're among the first to play around with the weddings stylistically with non-linear edits and the introduction of western music such as Hip Hop and EDM. Over the years, what started off as our honest documentary or "home video" approach to shooting has become a refined and stylized "film-like" approach to not only shooting but editing, sound design and photography. 

We are proud to be the best wedding film and photo company in the south asian wedding market. And we dedicate our nomination to our continued fan support and our brilliant team of photographers, cinematographers and editors. 

And with that! We would love for you guys to have a look at our award winning video! The next-day edit for Suprine and Raj's amazingly fun wedding! We cant wait to follow up with their completed feature edit in the future! Stay tuned, and as always, tell us what you think.

— Bikram Bal & Gurinder Singh 

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